About Us

KM&T is a global team of improvement specialists working with organisations to help solve complex operational challenges. We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations, no matter how large or small, private or government owned. Underpinned by the principles of Lean and Continuous Improvement methodology, we deploy our ‘OPEX Model’ to support organisations to address four critical objectives:

  • Productivity Improvement - A smarter way of working
  • Cost Reduction - Doing the same with less
  • Growth Capacity - Working at scale projects
  • Support Enabling Projects - Innovative systems and training academy

How we get things done

We support and encourage your people to learn and implement the tools and techniques that can transform your organisations performance. We guarantee that this support is always centred on creating value for your greatest asset – your people.

By breaking down barriers within organisations, we ensure everyone is empowered to believe they can make a difference, whether on the shop floor or the boardroom. Bespoke solutions are designed to gain engagement of management and staff at all levels leading to a sustainable return on investment.





Contact info

For all enquires and information use contact information provided below.


KM&T UK                                                   Phone: +44(0)24 7623 6275

The Techno Centre                                     Email: info@kmandt.com

Coventry CV1 2TT

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